Smartflower Pacific ‘s Mission and Values

Smartflower Pacific’s mission is to facilitate the increased use and development of renewable energy in Hawaii and throughout the world. For economic and environmental reasons, Smartflower Pacific believes Hawaii and the world will benefit greatly from the rapid development of renewable energy resources and that Hawaii should be a leader in such development.

We strive to be a complete renewable energy firm that helps residential and commercial customers reduce their fossil fuel energy consumption and environmental impact through advanced, turnkey solar energy systems. We help our customers realize all the benefits of renewable energy, such as solid financial returns and a positive impact on the environment. We enable individuals and organizations to be part of creating a sustainable world. Our products and services help to conserve energy, to use energy efficiently, and generate clean renewable energy.

We seek to inspire, educate, and assist our clients in achieving their goals of cost stability, energy independence, and environmental stewardship. In the course of carrying out our goals, our activities will have a direct impact on job creation and economic development.